Reiki with Nidhi helped me deal with Breast Cancer 
​I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started going through the painstaking process of finding doctors and deciding treatment. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping a positive attitude and handling the situation, but I ended up feeling beaten and exhausted, both mentally and physically.  A friend recommended that I meet Nidhi and try Reiki. It was, and continues to be, an experience that has changed me — hopefully for the rest of my life. The results of the first session alone left me feeling emotionally and spiritually cleansed and strengthened. 
I truly believe that Nidhi has a gift. I have spoken to several friends who have tried Reiki with other practitioners, and their experiences do not come close to what I have experienced with Nidhi.  Since I am a scientist, I respect the balance of logic and knowledge that Nidhi integrates with her deep spirituality.  It is clear how passionate she is about learning and deepening her spiritual connection.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had Nidhi’s help during this uncertain and stressful time in my life.  The peace and the strength that she has brought to me has been invaluable and I am forever grateful.
- KP




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Helped deal with stress, health and personal issues. A massage for my soul!
"I went into my Reiki appointment with many doubts. I was feeling stressed and was having problems with my marriage as well as some health issues. After my first treatment, I felt extremely calm and relaxed. It was like I got a massage for my soul! I was very impressed that the techniques used were spot on concerning my health issues. I highly recommend Reiki and Nidhi Idnani. She is a very caring and compassionate person."
- N. D.

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Reiki with Nidhi has helped me deal with the side effects of lung cancer treatment
What amazing reiki experiences! Nidhi is professional and courteous. During each visit, I may feel different symptoms or side effects from my lung cancer treatments, yet Nidhi helps me to feel relaxed, and calm, and being able to focus on the present moment. A difficult task for me to accomplish on my own.  Yet my sessions with Nidhi are rejuvenating, peaceful, and mindful.
Highly recommend Nidhi for her knowledge, experience, intelligence, compassion, and patience. She is a well rounded professional who is beautiful on the inside and outside and aims to make YOU feel the same way!
- Leah Hammerman

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Reiki for cancer

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Reiki sessions with Nidhi have been life-changing. Helped me deal with difficult times
Nidhi Idnani is an incredible Reiki Master, but more importantly, a wonderful, caring person that truly heals and nourishes the soul. I have been working with Nidhi for several months and our sessions have helped me navigate through some difficult times. The wisdom and guidance that Nidhi so generously offers along with her ability to deliver healing energy have been life changing. After each session I leave feeling rejuvenated with clarity of mind and a sense of well-being. The pure, positive energy that is abundant in each session is so valuable both physically and emotionally. But for me, it is the spiritual connection that I am cultivating since beginning these sessions that I am most thankful to Nidhi for. Nidhi is a rare gem!
- B.G., Basking Ridge, New Jersey ​

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Shruti's (a student of iReikiNow) sketch of Nidhi was featured in the exhibition of inspirational women. She won the 2nd prize.

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Reiki with Nidhi - "close to miracle". No longer suicidal. Relief from Depression & Occipital Neuralgia. ​​
I have worked with 4 Reiki Masters in the past nine months. And by far Nidhi has the genuine gift and more tools to help you on your path to wellness. I saw her first Sept 2017 for total lack of energy due to decades of Major Depression. During the first several sessions she gave me hope, and some energy started to return. Some cases are more difficult, as is depression. She was explicit that I continue working with my psychiatrist and therapist. By mid Nov. my mood had significantly improved. Depression is stubborn and we continue our work. But I’m no longer suicidal and I have energy, which wasn’t the case for many years without her.
I also suffer from Occipital Neuralgia, intolerable head pain. I’ve had steroids injections and several rounds of PT, which gives release of few months at a time. This flared up again two weeks ago. I called Nidhi from TX to see if she could help. Along with giving me distant Reiki healing, she taught me a series of breathing exercises. And to my astonishment, by the end of the week it had lifted. This past week I restarted heavy yard work which would typically set off the pain. My back, shoulders and neck muscles are achy but the severe head pain has not occurred. Both of these are close to miracles. I’m now able to live life, not to just exist.
What sets Nidhi apart from other so called Masters is not just her depth of caring, or true connection with the healing power of energy. It’s her other tools starting with per-Reiki talk where she seeks to understand your background and how her clients have been since their last session. What changes have they experienced on all levels; mental, emotional and physical. Based on that she will share spiritual knowledge and life teaching. And then she leads a guided meditation accordingly. All this before starting Reiki. Nidhi has wisdom beyond her years. She’ll give you 110% of herself as long as you can promise to give her 100% of your commitment.
- Linda B, Texas

Vision of Sai Baba during Reiki - surreal experience - helping to cope with cancer
I have the privilege of knowing Nidhi since almost a year and half but I started taking regular  Reiki sessions from her since last month and a half as I am battling cancer. Because of my state of mind and the fear surrounding my diagnosis I decided to take Reiki sessions regularly with Nidhi  to help me deal with not only the anxiety, emotional and psychological effects of such a crisis but also to help in the overall healing process. During my sessions I often have amazing and powerful visions and then later receive significant insights into my life process and challenges, and as a result I have experienced an inner peace I never could have imagined.
Last week I was in midst of a Reiki session and I was communicating with Nidhi about my visions,  suddenly  I felt I was floating and had very strong vibrations in both my arms, within a few minutes I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I had just visualized Sai baba looking at me and  blessing me . It was such an emotional, fulfilling and out of the world experience for me, words cannot truly express the surreal experience and I cannot thank Nidhi enough for her  gentle, compassionate and healing energy.  She is truly a blessing in my life . My crisis is not over yet but I feel very calm, positive and absolutely prepared to take on any challenges that life may throw at me . Thank you for all that you do Nidhi  , God Bless you !
- Mona Vazirani

Natural and dedicated healer who genuinely cares about client's comfort and well-being. 
After a Reiki treatment with Nidhi Idnani I felt renewed, refreshed and relaxed.  My session was at her home, in a serene, welcoming area.... Ifelt her total dedication and spirituality.... The session was lengthy and thorough.  Upon completion of the session I felt as though I had just come from a very personal treatment from someone who genuinely cared about my comfort and well-being.  Nidhi Idnani is a kind, compassionate person who is committed to helping others achieve a peaceful, emotional and physical balance in their lives through the use of Reiki techniques.
- Bonnie Brent

What clients have to say

Anxiety/ Insomnia relief. Experienced deep peace.
My Reiki sessions with Nidhi Idnani helped me through times when I was anxious about changes in my life, and was experiencing frequent insomnia.   Nidhi offered me a way to experience deep peace.  She also helped identify areas in my body where I held my anxiety.  Her approach is gentle and spiritual, and I felt very safe.  Sometimes, I fell into a deep sleep as she worked on me.  At the end of a session, Nidhi would gently bring me back to wakefulness, and send me out feeling whole and renewed. 
- Jill Crawford

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Reiki with Nidhi helped during chemotherapy

I am a stage 2 Breast Cancer patient. I am halfway through my chemotherapies and taking Reiki sessions. And I can say that I am in a good shape for many reasons. I don’t know much about Reiki, but I strongly believe in good vibes and supreme power.  ​
My oncologist  at Memorial Sloan-Kettering said she believed in Reiki and was absolutely fine that I was getting Reiki treatments as an alternative care. 
I understand that Reiki is a healing technique and the therapist can channel energy into the patient by touch. That is why it is very important to get Reiki from the right person. I am fortunate and blessed to get Reiki sessions from Nidhi Idnani, who is very loving, charming, full of positivity/good vibes and a giver. I think positive attitude, right medications, enough rest, eating well, exercise and Reiki – is a perfect combination for healing. Thanks a lot, Nidhi for all your help. 
-Rajeshree Kulkarni