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Natural and dedicated healer who genuinely cares about client's comfort and well-being. 
After a Reiki treatment with Nidhi Idnani I felt renewed, refreshed and relaxed.  My session was at her home, in a serene, welcoming area.... Ifelt her total dedication and spirituality.... The session was lengthy and thorough.  Upon completion of the session I felt as though I had just come from a very personal treatment from someone who genuinely cared about my comfort and well-being.  Nidhi Idnani is a kind, compassionate person who is committed to helping others achieve a peaceful, emotional and physical balance in their lives through the use of Reiki techniques.
- Bonnie Brent

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Helped deal with stress, health and personal issues. A massage for my soul!
"I went into my Reiki appointment with many doubts. I was feeling stressed and was having problems with my marriage as well as some health issues. After my first treatment, I felt extremely calm and relaxed. It was like I got a massage for my soul! I was very impressed that the techniques used were spot on concerning my health issues. I highly recommend Reiki and Nidhi Idnani. She is a very caring and compassionate person."
- N. D.

Anxiety/ Insomnia relief. Experienced deep peace.
My Reiki sessions with Nidhi Idnani helped me through times when I was anxious about changes in my life, and was experiencing frequent insomnia.   Nidhi offered me a way to experience deep peace.  She also helped identify areas in my body where I held my anxiety.  Her approach is gentle and spiritual, and I felt very safe.  Sometimes, I fell into a deep sleep as she worked on me.  At the end of a session, Nidhi would gently bring me back to wakefulness, and send me out feeling whole and renewed. 
- Jill Crawford

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