Think less, think better, feel great

On an average, 1087 flights land or takeoff from EWR every day (Source- Airports Council International). Assuming the airport is busy 18 hours a day, 60 planes land or take off every hour i.e.1/minute.

Now, consider a scenario, when two planes want to land at the same moment. It creates a moment of conflict which has the potential to convert the airport into a battlefield. At that moment, the air traffic control issues instructions to the pilot and directs the movement of the aircraft. Thanks to the air traffic control, the planes land safely, passengers reach their destination and danger is averted.

Our mind is like an airport. It thinks - that is the job of a mind after all ;-) – continuously. In fact it is even busier than EWR, it thinks about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts every day. Our mind also faces conflict. This, however, is the internal conflict, where we struggle with ourselves or our conscience/ self. In psychiatry, conflict is defined as a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses. Two thoughts might want to take control over the other, turning our mind into a battlefield.

Types of thoughts
We can experience a range of thoughts - negative, waste/ useless, necessary/useful, and positive thoughts. We have the power to choose our thoughts

Why is important is to realize that we have the power to change our thoughts?
Our thoughts create our feelings and experiences. If we think positive thoughts, we will feel positive and happy. And the longer we remain focused on positive and peaceful thoughts, the deeper our experience of these beautiful feelings.

Why do you need traffic control in your thoughts?
It is the time to free your mind of uncontrolled mental chatter, to erase what we have drawn on the canvas of our own minds and gently remind ourselves that we have a choice to paint our own panorama. We can transform ourselves into Claude Monet and paint our own bridge over the water lilies that takes us to a land of unlimited beauty, peace and freedom. Our inner traffic control gives us space and time to be aware of our mental traffic - our thoughts and then gently guides us to think less, and think happy, peaceful and loving thoughts.

So how do we use traffic control to control our mind?
Take as many pauses throughout your day as you need 
Set a schedule -

  • As soon as I wake up
  • Mid-morning perhaps 10 AM
  • Just before lunch
  • During my Afternoon coffee break
  • Just before dinner
  • Before going to bed

How about a minute every hour?

What do I do during the pause?
Check my thoughts and the resultant feelings/ actions in the last hour and set an intention for change if required or a silent pat in the back for positive thoughts.
Alternatively, set Affirmations during the pause:

  • I am a peaceful soul.
  • I choose happiness.
  • I am fortunate to have so many blessings in my life.
  • I give love to myself and to everyone.

There is always a choice!

To lead fulfilling lives, free of regret, it is important that we choose:

  • A life of lasting fulfillment over one of shallow self indulgence
  • Self-improvement over pleasure
  • Serious effort over resignation, to dare rather than to retreat
  • Progress over stagnation
  • Unity over disharmony
  • Joy over pessimism
  • Laughter over despondency
  • Cheerfulness over gloom
  • Encouragement over envy
  • Enthusiasm over anger

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