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The most important journey you can take is the journey within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual empowerment begins. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring about transformation and nurture the natural qualities within. 

The aim of meditations is to bring inner peace within our self and to empower ourselves to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos. Meditation techniques simply involve a process of transforming yourself, your thoughts, and recognizing the negative thoughts, and changing them into positive and peaceful thoughts.

Meditation enables you to embark on this inward journey. It gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself, helps you re–discover and use the positive qualities already latent within you, enables you to develop your strengths of character and create new attitudes and responses to life.

Meditation also helps you disconnect from damaging habits of thought, feeling and reaction. This results in a conscious, positive release of energy which improves the quality of your attitude, actions, and interactions. You start to enjoy moments of silence and to savour periods of introspection and reflection.

The process of going within, disconnecting from harmful habits, connecting to your innate spiritual resources, and reconnecting with your external life, is personally empowering in a lasting way.

This three step process is a vital part of the meditation philosophy of iReikiNow. It helps you to take control of your life and to internalize peace, stability, happiness and serenity.