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Kids Meditation Class Testimonials​

Children love Nidhi's sessions. 

Nidhi, a huge thank you for the heart and soul you put in working with kids and for the enriching classes. Best thing that happened to my kids so far. They love your sessions and I see the difference you are making in their being. 

- Sirisha Ghatty (Mother of 11 and 8 year old who attend Nidhi's Meditation class)

My 11 year old twins love their Meditation classes with Nidhi!! 
As an adult, I know about the benefits of meditation, deep breathing and relaxation but I was not sure if this will work for my twins (boy and girl-11 years old) and so I requested them to try  once and then decide. They attended  their first session of meditation with Nidhi and they came back happy, smiling and ready to go back in a week to another session. I can see the benefits of their sessions with Nidhi - they arecalmer, more focused on their strengths and look at the good in themselves and others. Thanks Nidhi for your patience and your guidance to my kids as this will help them now and as they grow up.

- Grateful mom, Loveleen 

Highly recommend the Kids Meditation class

I highly recommend the Kids meditation class to all the parents. I really appreciate Nidhi Idnani's authenticity and patience with kids.  Her gentle guidance, peaceful and kind presence helps children to blossom and grow with self -confidence and be better human beings. Her course content is extensive and guided meditation is very effective on kids. She also helps kids to develop new skills which children feel that they are lacking or they want to develop. 

- Priyanka Parihar (Mother of 8 year old who attends Nidhi's Kids meditation class)


Kids Summer Camp Testimonials​


Children want to return to camp next year

My 10 year old twin girls loved Nidhi's camp. They couldn't wait to share their experience with us at the end of each day. Nidhi is just fabulous with kids, she is now their 'favorite aunty'.They learnt simple meditation techniques, ways to cope with stress and basic Reiki. Nidhi Idnani, you can count on the girls to return back next summer!!!

- Dr. Jayati Sarkar (Mother od 10 YO twin girls)

Son is excited and eager to practice breathing techniques
My son, Shourya, was very resistant to going to meditation camp but came back excited and eager to practice his "Om" breathing techniques. Thank you, Nidhi, for teaching him some life skills that will assist him to emotionally regulate and live his life mindfully.

- Rupa Khetarpal (Mother of 8 YO boy who attended iReikiNow's Summer Camp) 


Nidhi beautifully guides and nurtures her students

I am so happy that my son did the Reiki camp along with iReikiNow's Saturday kids meditation sessions this past year. It was very sweet to see Sanjit giving reiki to us every evening after camp. I believe that we, as parents and teachers, must sow the seeds. Though my son may not always be able to see the benefits of his ongoing training, I am confident he will reap them along his life path from the excellent in depth coaching given so lovingly by Nidhi. She has so beautifully guided and nurtured her students and I am very thankful for all her insights and support.

- Madhumala Raghavan




Client Testimonials

​​Adult Meditation Class Testimonials

Nidhi is a gifted healer! Highly recommend her meditation classes.

Thanks Nidhi for giving me an amazing experience. I attended her Adult Meditation sessions at her home. I had read a lot about mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing but wasn't sure how the 1st session would turn out. I was so impressed with Nidhi and her calm gentle meditation and breathing techniques. I left my first session feeling very energized, happy, relaxed, calm, peaceful and focused both, physically and mentally. 
Nidhi is truly passionate, is truly gifted and has wonderful gentle way of healing inner self. No matter how stressed you are, it's for sure that after attending her session, one will leave feeling very relaxed and at peace.
I would highly recommend her adult meditation classes and I'm looking forward to joining her sessions again this year.

- Dr. Harpreet Bagga

Compared to other meditation classes, hers is just a cut above the rest.
Nidhi is excellent and a gifted person.  My introduction to meditation has been a fantastic experience.  Compared to other meditation classes, hers is just a cut above the rest.  She is a knowledgeable and superb teacher and her soothing approach to meditation makes her connect with her students.  I always look forward to Saturdays so I can attend her classes which definitely will give you a feeling of  clarity and serenity.   Her class has benefited me emotionally, spiritually and physically.  
- Carol Liquete

Nidhi takes time to understand you. Tips to meditate at home.

I was introduced to guided meditation by my friend. This is the best thing that has happened to me till date. Guided meditation has made me very calm. Nidhi is great! She takes time to speak to you and understand you. She also gives you tips to take home, which helps you make a positive lifestyle change. My 9 year old son also attends kids meditation classes guided by Nidhi, and he loves it too! "

Great Meditation Coach!
Thank you for a wonderful meditation session, Nidhi Idnani. Not only did you create a wonderful and positive environment for the entire group, but you also helped me achieve a very high degree of internal focus while meditating. I really appreciated the fact that you guided us all through the 7 Body Chakras so we could direct the healing energy towards each in turn. 
- Pooja Krishna

Nidhi's meditation classes - Inspirational mix of relaxation and spiritual growth.
Meditation has benefited me mentally, physically, and spiritually. Nidhi Idnani's meditation classes are an inspirational mix of relaxation and spiritual growth. Her focus, in depth knowledge, and passion for the subject, fosters a high degree of personal introspection and growth. Her serene and positive attitude are a list of blessings that I can count on to head in the right direction in life. No matter what you are looking for and what state of mind you arrive in, you will leave feeling more open in body and heart. I find her presence very healing, both physically and emotionally. I look forward to her meetings as I feel brighter and stronger inside and out!
- Kruti Kapadia

Great meditation teacher. Helped me relax.
Nidhi not only knows the art of meditation, but she also is a great teacher who helps other people appreciate this art easily and learn how to practice it. Meditation session with Nidhi helped me relax and learn how to focus on breathing. Meditation requires regular practice and I look forward to working with Nidhi. Most of all, Nidhi is a very kind person who is always available to help anyone in need.
- Sapna Singhvi

Meditation helped to elevate my consciousness.
Meditation sessions with Nidhi Idnani have helped to not only bring a sense of peace, but it also helped me to rediscover my true identity and my virtues and helped me to elevate my consciousness. It has helped me to disconnect with the mundane and day to day challenges, and respond to issues with an attitude of peace, compassion, truth and acceptance. 
- Saroj A

Let go of the past and Live in the moment.

Meditation sessions with Nidhi allowed me to move away from the past or the future but be in the moment.  I am now able to look at the positive side of everything rather than the negative side which I was prone to doing. It has allowed me to shape my responses and become kinder, more humble, generous and compassionate. 

​- Anonymous, NJ

Reiki Testimonials

An Uplifting experience. Well being and inner balance.

A Reiki session with Nidhi Idnani in the tranquil atmosphere of her home is a truly uplifting experience. After graciously welcoming you into her house, Nidhi takes the time to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Nidhi is a very gifted Reiki practitioner, so take the time to fully enjoy the session.
I have known Nidhi for several years and I am always touched by her genuine warmth, compassion, generosity, and love for life. I think of her as a very spiritual human being who approaches every aspect of life with exceptional awareness and thoughtfulness.
After my session with Nidhi I left with a keen sense of well being and inner balance which affected my life in a very positive way.I sincerely recommend Nidhi Idnani to anyone who is considering a Reiki session.
Uli Zimmer, Lambertville, NJ

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stress  reduced. Felt my energy flowing.

I am so grateful for the care and expertise of Nidhi Idnani. When I first tried Reiki, I was under stress and it harmed my health. My very first session resulted in feeling much lighter and happier. I could literally feel my energy flowing. Subsequent sessions have yielded me a healthier body and mind. I am ever so thankful for the kindness and care of Nidhi Idnani. She is a true healer who works with compassion and love.  

- E. D. 

Reiki treatment provided physical and emotional wellness.

Before my first reiki session with Nidhi Idnani, I had back and neck pain and felt tense and irritable.  After the first session the pain lifted, and I felt relaxed.  I had more than one session with Nidhi and am so thankful for her healing method.  The treatment is so soothing and provided both physical and emotional wellness for me. I strongly recommend Nidhi's wholesome approach to health.

- Fran Edson

Pain disappeared. Felt energized.

I was  in a lot of pain after a bad twist with my neck. It made me extremely tense especially at night time getting very little sleep. In a desperate attempt to feel better I opted for a Reiki session with Mrs.Nidhi Idnani. I did not know what to expect but felt very relaxed in a short time. Her hands and her voice appeared so very soft. I fell into a deep sleep during the session and when I woke up I thought I just had dozed off a minute or so but the clock told me otherwise. The pain had mostly disappeared and I was pleased and thankful with the result.

Encouraged by the outcome I continued to see Mrs.Idnani for a couple of Reiki sessions as it helped me to alleviate discomfort and pain and I felt real energized .

- Anita Albers

Anxiety/ Insomnia relief. Experienced deep peace.

My Reiki sessions with Nidhi Idnani helped me through times when I was anxious about changes in my life, and was experiencing frequent insomnia.   Nidhi offered me a way to experience deep peace.  She also helped identify areas in my body where I held my anxiety.  Her approach is gentle and spiritual, and I felt very safe.  Sometimes, I fell into a deep sleep as she worked on me.  At the end of a session, Nidhi would gently bring me back to wakefulness, and send me out feeling whole and renewed. 

- Jill Crawford

Fabulous Reiki master who has the healing touch.
Nidhi Idnani is a fabulous Reiki master. She certainly has the healing touch. After an hour long Reiki session with her I slept the night like a baby for a full 8 hours. I felt very relaxed and healed as if all aches, pains and cares had melted away. Additionally Nidhi is a very kind and giving person. I am grateful to have this wonderful soul to turn to, whenever I need that infusion of positive energy she exudes!
- Reena Singhvi

Natural and dedicated healer who genuinely cares about client's comfort and well-being. 

After a Reiki treatment with Nidhi Idnani I felt renewed, refreshed and relaxed.  My session was at her home, in a serene, welcoming area.  Ms. Idnani calmly introduced the principles of Reiki, informing me of what she would do.  I fully trusted her expertise and felt her total dedication and spirituality throughout the session.  She focused on bringing about natural healing through the channeling of energy.  The session was lengthy and thorough.  Upon completion of the session I felt as though I had just come from a very personal treatment from someone who genuinely cared about my comfort and well-being.  Nidhi Idnani is a kind, compassionate person who is committed to helping others achieve a peaceful, emotional and physical balance in their lives through the use of Reiki techniques.

- Bonnie Brent

A deep sense of inner calmness!

Nidhi, Go raibh maith agat (Thank you) for the life changing experience, I will admit, I was nervous and a little skeptical going to my first reiki session. Your warm gentle, graceful manner along with your kind hospitality soon put that nervousness to rest.
With an invitation to relax and focus on my breath, your healing hands and gentle touch went to work on balancing my chakras. My body began to relax and feel a deep sense of inner calmness. Through your gift of healing, time did indeed stand still, a retreat from the world. I later enjoyed a wonderful night sleep. I continue to support this beautiful experience and change in my life.
With deep appreciation,
- Pauline MacNeill

Helped deal with health and personal issues. A massage for my soul!

"I went into my Reiki appointment with many doubts. I was feeling stressed and was having problems with my marriage as well as some health issues. After my first treatment, I felt extremely calm and relaxed. It was like I got a massage for my soul! I was very impressed that the techniques used were spot on concerning my health issues. Ihighly recommend Reiki and Nidhi Idnani. She is a very caring and compassionate person."
- N. D.

Helped cope with stress. Relaxed feeling lasted for days afterwards.

I am alwaysunder a great deal of stress as a single mom working full time.  I am constantly juggling multiple things and almost never have time to relax and take time for me.  I had the opportunity to try a reiki session and I decided to take time out of my busy schedule to give it a try. At my session, I was not at all surprised to find that all of my chakras were blocked except for one, my head.  At least I had a clear head!  During the session, I felt increasingly relaxed, to the point where I had to fight falling asleep.  This is rather unusual for me, I can almost never fall asleep during the day. During my session, Nidhi played very relaxing music.  The hour passed quickly and before I knew it, it was time to sit up and have a light snack.  I left feeling completely relaxed and renewed.  Quite honestly, the session was better than a massage.  The feeling I had lasted for days afterwards.  Many thanks to Nidhi Idnani for this experience.  I need to do this again soon!

- Kathleen

Helped deal with childhood trauma and PTSD

When I first started coming to Nidhi for Reiki and meditation sessions, I was a skeptic of the same and not sure if it would actually work for me. I was suffering from PTSD and was not aware that events from my childhood were continuing to hold me back in my interactions with people. As a result of the Reiki sessions, I was able to start opening up more to people than I had been able to in the past. After every Reiki session, I felt lighter as if a big load has been removed from my shoulders. I slept more peacefully than I did in the past and I felt full of energy. 

- Anonymous

Chronic pain and insomnia eased.

I have been suffering from chronic back pain, restless leg syndrome and insomnia for almost 40 years! Reiki sessions with Nidhi Idnani have helped me deal with all my pain, discomfort and insomnia. Further, in every session I feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. While she works on my chakras, I can almost sense them opening up, the blockages in my chakras, being removed and the energy flowing. I often fall off to sleep during my sessions and wake up feeling light, serene,  and rejuvenated. 

- Saroj A