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                                                      Aura - The Protective Shield 

"Be really whole, and all things will come to you." - Lao-Tzu

Although the aura exists outside the body, it is connected to and encloses the seven chakras. This protective shield, which surrounds the body, changes in shape, size, and color depending on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as on whether the chakras are balanced and integrated. Normally, it extends several feet beyond the body in every direction. 

When the aura is small, dark, and close, it represents a weakened state in which we are prone to mental, emotional, or physical illness or discomfort. When the aura is strong, bright and large, we are physically and emotionally healthy and have a positive outlook towards life. Having said that, the aura keeps changing depending on our lifestyle and our state of mind. The day when everything bothers you are the days when your aura is small and weak. Conversely, when the external world and day to day events have no effect, your aura is strong and large. 

You have the power to self heal and create a stronger aura!

Activities that promote and maintain a strong and bright aura: Meditation, Reiki, yoga, a healthy diet, rest and achieving work life balance. 

Affirmation - I am protected by the strength of my being.